Practice Areas
  • Joseph P. Baumann, Jr.
  • Nicholas A. Concilio
  • Andrea Dobin
  • Michele M. Dudas
  • Sari B. Placona
  • Shoshana Schiff
  • Anthony Sodono, III
  • Joseph Zapata

Fiduciary representation


Serving as a fiduciary for the interests of non-clients is a complex process and demands an enhanced level of skill and diligence on the part of both the fiduciary and the advisors retained. The professionals at McManimon Scotland & Baumann, LLC have the substantive expertise to both serve and assist fiduciaries and understand the need for diligence in both roles. Whether they are being asked to advise a trustee appointed in the bankruptcy proceeding, an assignee in a state court assignment for benefit of creditors or some other type of court-appointed fiduciary, the firm’s attorneys have the experience and extensive knowledge necessary to both serve as and advise fiduciaries.

Who We Serve

  • Fiduciaries
  • Trustees

Our Services

  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Trustees
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees
  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Trustees
  • Assignees in state court proceedings
  • Court-appointed Receivers and Liquidators

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For more information about our Fiduciary practice, please contact Andrea Dobin at or 973-323-8667.



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